How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

Our Programs


We believe that the Library is essential in the process of giving children access to knowledge. In digital times it is needed more than even before. We have books from different genres like Poetry, Drama, Fiction and Non- Fiction in three languages and also academic reference books. Our children read books out of choice apart from textbooks. Library surely is a window to the world.

Digital Learning

When technology is integrated into lessons, students will get more interested in the subjects they are studying. Technology provides an opportunity to make learning more fun and enjoyable in terms of teaching the same things in a new way.


We acknowledge that sports and games in the school are not only meant for the benefit of physical activity but also increase the self-esteem and mental alertness of the students. This makes sports and games necessary for every school student.

Life skills

In today’s world, having life skills is essential for the students to be able to meet the challenges of everyday life. To cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life, students need to inculcate life skills.

Arts, Farming & Cooking

The involvement of students in the Arts helps with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills. Learning of arts also helps in improving the motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork in children.


Student Achievement measures the overall performance of a student in all aspects like studies and also Co-curricular activities. Achievements received by our school has not only enriched the glory of the school but has also inspired us to work with greater dedication.


It is important for the school to host events which break the routine and where students can meet their peers from different classes. The students who described their school spirit as good also stated that they enjoyed school events.

Field Trips

Field trips are important to help bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience. Students acquire increased knowledge, culture that help shape a child’s future. We believe that if we have more field trips, education would be more creative and effective as learning happens through living.

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