• Our children learn in small groups in a child-friendly environment where learning takes place through observation, thinking, questioning, doing hands-on activities and bringing real life experiences into learning which is desirably a child-centered way of learning.
  •  In order to build holistic learning which includes Mental, Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Creative and Ethical dimensions, we provide a platform for Arts & Crafts, Sports, Music, Dance, Technology, Farming area and Cooking which in turn helps them to trust, respect and maintain relationships.
  • Our children practice ‘Self-management’ right from their seating places, belongings, racks, displays and class-room order as a whole.
  • We are concerned about our children being…..
    ❖ Happy
    ❖ Confident
    ❖ Question
    ❖ Learn, no matter in trial and error
    ❖ Explore
    ❖ Lead
    ❖ Love and be loved
    ❖ Grow as independent and responsible individuals.